Shining Shadows

Into Dal Nystere! (part 1)

The session began with the 6 of us Shining Shadows in the two teleportation circles in the entrance moments after speaking the words “Dal Nystere” and letting fall a drop of dragon’s blood in a circle of standing stones not far from the Woodsinger Elves’ camp.

I, Lithanael, was the first to act. With my Starshadow Blade already pulsing in my grasp, I quickly made my way to a goblin next to one of the two cages containing the drakes. Although there was shock in his eyes at our arrival, he was already making his way over to loose a drake from a cage – and I was not about to let that happen. I took advantage of the small opening next to a line of my flat-footed companions and Wield the Warped that little green skinned swine on the other side of me, isolating him on the the other side of a 3-man thick wall of Shining Shadow. Gall was quick to make it to the other cage, and although she didn’t act fast enough to prevent the cage from being opened, she did, in her hulking Goliath-like manner, make an effective door herself – keeping that second drake encaged. Good, I thought. The drakes are neutralized for now.

I deftly made my way up the wide staircase to engage the goblin leader, who appeared to have some amount of spell power. Together with Annabeth, we spent a good dozen seconds slashing and blocking this wretched creature on the staircase. Ahh, the sweet ballet of two Eladrin in a dance of death.

After placing him in his eternal rest, we joined the rest of the party in their drake desert. For a bit of variation, I resorted to some Eldritch Bolts on the drakes. As I’ve always been taught, “when the pressure is off and the battle is flowing smoothly, drill yourself on all your skills so as to never grow rusty.” And so I did.

When the last drake breathed his last we took a few minutes searching around the room. At the top of the stairs there was a landing with glowing runes. Had I not been busy reading the scrolls on another table ::coughcuttingmywatermeloncough:: I would have inspected these runes. Alas, one of the less patient and more impulsive folk that I grace my presence with fell victim to their defenses. The little gnome ended up calling on his vast (though inferior to mine) knowledge of the Arcane and removed the dangers of the ward.

Learning little from the clues in the room, I brilliantly suggest to Dara that the speak with dead ritual that she used previously may be of use here. The second attempt was much more fruitful than the first, in which we learned that the goblins were providing a service to some sort of undead master. They were directed by him to claim their reward in the form of some maps from the table atop the landing on the staircase. It was right after this undead master’s retirement into the adjacent room that we, the Shining Shadows, made our arrival and claimed the reward meant for the goblins as our own.

Dara's Journal 1
This is the (spiked) pits!

Whew! We survived! It was touch and go, I wasn’t sure if we would for a while there. It’s very disconcerting to suddenly appear in a room full of enemies. Travelling through stone circles with dragon’s blood is not for the faint of heart.

We dispatched said enemies and we were faced with two doors. Our goliath listened at the doors and heard a terrifying invitation from someone on the other side. We were hoping to hear Janella, the halfling child we are trying to rescue.

Our rogue, Anabeth, checked one door for traps, and finding none, entered. I guess she, Gall and Lithan’ael stepped right into one. We could hear the battle noises and we tried to get in through the door that the rest of us were standing next to. It is a good thing I traveled here with Anabeth. She is a font of information about the thief business. I must have listened more closely than I thought, because I picked the lock on the door and discovered the trap on the other side.

A cleric picking a lock, now that’s something you don’t see every day; we just don’t train for that sort of thing. Fat lot of good it did us, though. Jagged triggered the trap and went over the huge pit that opened, leaving Irvyn and me standing there twiddling our thumbs. We just aren’t athletic enough to jump a ten foot spike filled gorge without help. I didn’t really think many people could until I joined up with this group.

Irvyn did this really amazing trick and pulled a bunch of bad guys into the pit. I felt completely useless. I am a healer, but I was too far away to help my team. Even the bad guys didn’t get close enough for me to hurt them. It was frustrating. Irvyn and I were separate from our injured, bleeding team. I thought Lithan’ael was dead; he was just lying there still, bleeding. It was a truly terrible moment for me.

The team finally prevailed, closed up the pits and sealed the room the best we could. We will camp here for the night to heal and rest. I am plagued with worrisome thoughts about Jenella and by what ifs. What if the spider had appeared on Irvyn and my side of the monstrous pits? Yikes!

Dara's Journal 2

Arrgh! I’m starting to think we are never going to be able to learn to work as a team. We have a group of individuals that believe they are invincible: a big cat man (shifter), volatile and dangerous, a goliath, nurturing, much like a momma bear, and dangerous, two eladrin, a hero and a rogue, both quick to do violence, powerful and dangerous, a wizard gnome, the only one with even a drop of caution, funny, sometimes silly, intelligent and of course dangerous.
As a group, it seems they have the definition of the old adage, “divide and conquer” backwards. Invariably, they split up and think they can still conquer. It is so frustrating; the arrogance of these people. They rarely, if ever, voluntarily retreat. We spend our morning being thrashed soundly by a room full of baby spiders, a horrid web, and their very scary momma, only to discover Janella, bludgeoned to death by a flail, and lunched upon by the spiders.

I did the best I could to stabilize her and will try to find someone on our travels to bring her back. We made it out of the spider’s nest without too much damage, but here we go again. We are in total disagreement, and instead of considering what is best for our team and what our goals are (or should be), we are a group of individuals charging off in different directions with different goals.

We are trying to scout out this tower which may or may not be full of enemies. I am hiding behind a tree writing this, as I am about as stealthy as a drake running through a marketplace. Lithan’ael has teleported into a tree. He is intent on an ambush even though we have no idea the size of the force we may be facing. Jagged wants revenge, he wants to kill the goblin that killed Janella. Gall wants to avenge her too. The memory of Janella’s hero worship and her pretty little blue painted face, relaxed in death, is too fresh in her mind for her to think it through carefully. Irvyn is unusually quiet, but as I said, he is one of the only cautious members of this team. He definitely has self-preservation down to an art. I really respect that, even though we all pick on him about it. I’m sure he’s searching out an advantageous, safe location to back up this impulsive group. Anabeth, the most impulsive of us all, is peeking in the door of the tower. I’m praying to Pelor that she won’t get us all killed.

Oh blessed Pelor! They are inviting us in! They must have us confused with someone else. I hope we can convince them they are right. There has already been enough bloodshed for one morning.

Big Grigbad
Dal Nystere - Day 78

Two months garrison duty boring! Only few raids. No life for warrior. Sitting around is disgusting. Troops getting sloppy. Uthrick says wait, so we wait. We want fight!

Raid on farmers not real fight. Was … beneath us. Kill farmers, take girl fun, but no challenge. Kill girl disgraceful for warrior. Goblins, jabbering and stupid, do these things, not Hobgoblin warriors.

Vhennyk’s people come and we be nice. We not servants! They act scary. Ha! Humans, Elves, Tieflings, all weak, not like Hobgoblins. Uthrick work with Vhennyk, so we soldier on.

Another group from Vhennyk coming now, maybe ‘rock-out’ will show them about toughness…

Dara's Journal 3

We didn’t die…yet.
We sauntered into this hobgoblin held tower like we owned the place, pretending to be Vhennyk’s go-betweens. It quickly became apparent that they had never actually met Vhennyk. That made it easier to carry on the charade, but playing soldier games with hobgoblin warriors is not my idea of a good time. Have you ever stood against a wall and let something throw rocks at you?
Nor are they fans of Pelor. I tried to make them believe my holy symbol was a spoil of war, but I don’t think they bought it. Then on to the drinking games, I was appalled to find that they had mulled a fabulous Marl vintage!! That, more than anything, convinced me this was a classless group. When I found out they were followers of Bane, I confronted their leader about their sloppy, drunken state. I could hardly believe it when he shouted at his men for me. He yielded more information when Lithan’ael talked to him. We found out he was responsible for Janella’ death and he was disgusted with himself for having had to follow orders to kill her and to destroy Marl. He handed over a captive halfing to us. I guess we earned his trust or maybe he his self-disgust at capturing and killing small females outweighed his good sense. We had to let him and his soldiers depart to go on patrol. There were just too many of them for us to defeat, plus he did not give those heinous orders. I’m pretty sure all of the Shining Shadows agree that finding the guy in charge is our next, immediate goal. We are pretty angry at the senseless violence against the innocent. We released Hanalee, a trained druid. She is all for taking out the leader of this motley crew.
I think we may have made a misstep in our scam, because when we got up the stairs we were ambushed by more hobgoblins and their undead skeleton friends. I hope this next flight of stairs leads us to our quarry…and that we live.

Iron Circle Captain
Harken Keep - day 83

These ungrateful peasants! We come to this valley, bringing order, justice and structure and all they want to do is fight. Their Baron was ridiculous, no real defenses other than his castle walls and no army. Anyone could have marched in here and ravaged the countryside. They should be thankful that it was the Iron Circle who brings order and not bandits.

From the start, they resisted, attacking our forces until they had to defend themselves. The incident at Marl was an unfortunate result of the peasants rising up against our troops. We had to defend ourselves. The soldiers had to make it known that attacking the forces of law and order would not be tolerated. As captain, I took those who went too far to task, they won’t act beyond my orders again.

Now there is a new band, the Shining Shadows they call themselves, riding through Harkenwold and rousing the rabble to rebellion. Our sources say they’re allied with the Stablemaster, Dar Gremath in Albridge. How do these people think that we can respond in any way other than force to such treachery against our rightful rule? We ride out tomorrow to Albridge to break this force and put down this rebellion so that afterwards, we can establish an orderly system of laws and show these peasants what civilization should be, instead of the constant fighting that they prefer, and that the Iron Circle’s power is to be respected…

Catching Up

The Shining shadows did manage to defeat the Iron Circle invaders in Harkenwold. The battle was exceedingly difficult, in fact they fell to the Devils in a temple to Asmodeus, but as the light always does in the morning, they rose again to escape from their cells and defeat Nazin Redthorn, thus ending the Iron circle threat to Harkenwold.

Along the way they saw the end of several friends including Jenella, the halfling girl from Marl and Dar Gremath, the leader and organizer of the rebellion against the Iron Circle. Sadly, one of their own also fell to evil as Adar chose murder over mercy and was imprisoned in Baron Stockmer’s cells.

With weary bodies and somewhat dampened spirits, they returned to Fallcrest. Upon their return they found freezing cold temperatures although it was still Summer. Much of the city was gathered by the river in a meeting to determine what to do about the unseasonable weather.

The Shining Shadows approached this gathering, but before discussions went very far, a ship dropped in from the sky, disgorging it’s passengers. A horde of undead descended from the ship to attack villagers in Fallcrest. The Shining Shadows jumped into action and with their swords, the blessing of the gods and their arcane might, they were able to defeat the undead creatures.

It was at that point that the ship’s masthead asked for the “Ice Sceptre” and a foolish young thief attempted to flee the area. He was caught by the swift reflexes of the shining shadows. They learned that the thief had stolen the sceptre from the tomb of the Winter King and that was the likely cause of the unseasonable weather. A flying ship ride later and the Shining Shadows were once again fighting the forces of evil, facing down the Winter King and his forces. Their foes were many, but nothing to match the determination and heroism of the Shining Shadows.

They returned to Fallcrest once again, the owners of a tower (a gift from the grateful people of Fallcrest) and settled into a rather mundane life. There was work to be done on the tower, a few were called away for other concerns, but little of note occurred and they were utterly bored. For a year there were no uprisings, no monsters, perhaps a few skirmishes, but nothing that required heroes of their caliber.

It is not unsurprising, therefore, that a incursion of kobolds in Winterhaven would beckon with at least the hint of the promise of adventure once again…

Vyros - We hardly go to know ye

Today we say farewell to Vyros, descendant of the Markelhay line, protector of Lords and commoners, bane of orcs. He selflessly defended his allies in battle time and time again.

His heroic end came in a maelstrom of fire, lightning and ice as a series of arcane eruptions claimed Vyros’ life, but also that of two enemies.

His presence will be missed by the Shining Shadows who called him friend, and posthumously called him brother.


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