Shining Shadows

Catching Up

The Shining shadows did manage to defeat the Iron Circle invaders in Harkenwold. The battle was exceedingly difficult, in fact they fell to the Devils in a temple to Asmodeus, but as the light always does in the morning, they rose again to escape from their cells and defeat Nazin Redthorn, thus ending the Iron circle threat to Harkenwold.

Along the way they saw the end of several friends including Jenella, the halfling girl from Marl and Dar Gremath, the leader and organizer of the rebellion against the Iron Circle. Sadly, one of their own also fell to evil as Adar chose murder over mercy and was imprisoned in Baron Stockmer’s cells.

With weary bodies and somewhat dampened spirits, they returned to Fallcrest. Upon their return they found freezing cold temperatures although it was still Summer. Much of the city was gathered by the river in a meeting to determine what to do about the unseasonable weather.

The Shining Shadows approached this gathering, but before discussions went very far, a ship dropped in from the sky, disgorging it’s passengers. A horde of undead descended from the ship to attack villagers in Fallcrest. The Shining Shadows jumped into action and with their swords, the blessing of the gods and their arcane might, they were able to defeat the undead creatures.

It was at that point that the ship’s masthead asked for the “Ice Sceptre” and a foolish young thief attempted to flee the area. He was caught by the swift reflexes of the shining shadows. They learned that the thief had stolen the sceptre from the tomb of the Winter King and that was the likely cause of the unseasonable weather. A flying ship ride later and the Shining Shadows were once again fighting the forces of evil, facing down the Winter King and his forces. Their foes were many, but nothing to match the determination and heroism of the Shining Shadows.

They returned to Fallcrest once again, the owners of a tower (a gift from the grateful people of Fallcrest) and settled into a rather mundane life. There was work to be done on the tower, a few were called away for other concerns, but little of note occurred and they were utterly bored. For a year there were no uprisings, no monsters, perhaps a few skirmishes, but nothing that required heroes of their caliber.

It is not unsurprising, therefore, that a incursion of kobolds in Winterhaven would beckon with at least the hint of the promise of adventure once again…

Vyros - We hardly go to know ye

Today we say farewell to Vyros, descendant of the Markelhay line, protector of Lords and commoners, bane of orcs. He selflessly defended his allies in battle time and time again.

His heroic end came in a maelstrom of fire, lightning and ice as a series of arcane eruptions claimed Vyros’ life, but also that of two enemies.

His presence will be missed by the Shining Shadows who called him friend, and posthumously called him brother.


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