Shining Shadows

Irvyn's Log 3

Slice and Dice

Following Traevus turned out to be pretty simple, just make a beeline for the swamp. If we weren’t sure about whether he was to be trusted, all we have to do is look at where his “personal business” is. Unless he’s out relieving himself and really needed privacy, there’s simply no reason for him to be going into the Witchlight Fens, let alone at night. Our group (without the Rogue, Anabeth, who was chatting with her friend Jerry), set off on our new horses to follow.

Along the way we learned:

  1. We don’t like going into the Witchlight Fens at night.
  2. Gall can’t help trying to pet stray dogs, even if they are wolves.
  3. Putting your teammate to sleep, even accidentally, when she is fighting a wolf is a bad idea, especially if you miss the wolf.

So we got past a wolf (Gall now has a wolf skin cloak) and entered an old ruined tower that history tells us used to be Kalton Manor. We figured that Traevus had to have come this way, so in we went only to come face to face with zombies.

Funny things, zombies, they’d have been no problem at all if we only had a cleric along. As it was, we had a fight on our hands. They kept grabbing at us, but I was able to used mind control to move them away (I’m really surprised that zombies have enough of a brain to be hypnotized, but I’m not about to argue the point with them). In the end, the zombies were dealt with and we were faced with a closed door. No problem, just ask Anabeth to check it for traps and unlock it… Oh yeah! that’s right! She wasn’t around! Well that won’t stop the Shining Shadows! Did I mention that our team is crazy?

We opened a door into an empty large room with grooves in the floor. Empty rooms typically mean no problem, right? Not so. Huge blades swung through the room on a regular basis. A trap, hmm…, let’s just have Anabeth see if she can disable it. Oh yeah! That’s right! She still wasn’t around! So Jagged, big brave musclebound brute that he is, ran heroically across the room to try to disable the trap. It was a thing of beauty watching him run across the room, open the panel and then get knocked flat by one of the blades. Pretty soon, we had Lydia and Lithan’ael helping him while Gall was breaking the blades one at a time with her axe.

Let me tell you something, there simply isn’t much an illusion can do against a mechanical trap. No matter how grumpy your teammates get or how much you want to help, there simply isn’t anything that will make a swinging blade think that an illusion is something to be feared and make it change course. Of course I wasn’t completely idle. I did adjust the lighting in the room to create a nice mirrored ball effect. As long as we were being chopped up by a trap that our absent thief should have handled with ease, at least we could do it with nice atmosphere. Oh yes, and I did zap a roach with a magic missile (have to keep the place clean of vermin). Of course at one point I did prudently state that we should simply get out of the room and wait for Anabeth to show up, but the least said about the team’s response to that, the better.

Jagged did eventually do enough damage to the mechanism to prevent it from working, and we all took a nice rest. Of course who should show up just after that rest, Anabeth dragging a Cleric in tow. How timely! How wonderful! Now if we could just re-live the prior day…



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