Shining Shadows

Irvyn's Log 2

These people are crazy. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into.

They tell me they were hired by a dwarf named Traevus. No big deal, dwarves are a bit dull for my taste, but their gold is good, so it’s fine working for them. Then we meet with this Traevus and the group goes ballistic on him. He’s just as bad jumping down their throats and rounding on me with suspicion. I was just trying to be friendly. I thought there would be bloodshed, right there in the tavern, no concept of diplomacy in this group.

The group is a varied menagerie.

A Shifter — big hairy ball of aggression named Jagged. He’s an ok sort, but all adrenaline and force. He keeps trying to grab me, probably to show off for the girls (compensating for something), but he hasn’t managed yet. I’m keeping an eye out anyway because you can never tell… Every time he tries, I manage to use my magic to modify his appearance in some way, picture a big hairy shifter with pink fur and purple spots fighting goblins.

There’s an Eladrin male Lithan’ael, Leethainel, Lithanal, something like that. Those Eladrin gents always choosing odd spellings for their names that sound like nothing more than fluff on a stick. Arrogant (or is that redundant for an Eladrin?), but still a fair arcanist. Not as knowledgable as me, and he’s certainly been at it much longer (they can be taught, but it takes forever) but he certainly hits with a punch. For all his preening and posing, he’s a fair companion.

The other Eladrin is Anabeth. She’s violence wrapped in a cloth of beauty. She’d just as soon kill you and take your gold as shake hands with you (unless the handshake produced a better profit). She’s quick and dirty in a fight, preferring violence to a well thought strategy. She does have a soft spot though for a lad named Jerry. I guess it’s just a good thing that she’s on our side.

Lydia is a bard from over 1,000 years ago. She’s a Gnome, and thus a more stable traveling companion than the others, but she’s been out of touch for so long that she knows nothing of the world. She might as well be a newborn. She does play pretty music though.

Finally, the group picked up a Goliath somewhere (or did she pick them up, literally?). Gall is a big blue woman who has a heart of gold (hope Anabeth doesn’t find out or she’ll try to cut it out for the profit). She cares for this group and makes sure they are healthy and ready to go (it’s just like having mom along, if mom was nearly three times as big).

So now we’re following Traevus as he goes off on personal business because another dwarf, Grundlemar says we should. He’s probably right, Traevus was just as nuts as the rest of the group and shouldn’t be allowed to run loose…



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