Shining Shadows

Iron Circle Captain

Harken Keep - day 83

These ungrateful peasants! We come to this valley, bringing order, justice and structure and all they want to do is fight. Their Baron was ridiculous, no real defenses other than his castle walls and no army. Anyone could have marched in here and ravaged the countryside. They should be thankful that it was the Iron Circle who brings order and not bandits.

From the start, they resisted, attacking our forces until they had to defend themselves. The incident at Marl was an unfortunate result of the peasants rising up against our troops. We had to defend ourselves. The soldiers had to make it known that attacking the forces of law and order would not be tolerated. As captain, I took those who went too far to task, they won’t act beyond my orders again.

Now there is a new band, the Shining Shadows they call themselves, riding through Harkenwold and rousing the rabble to rebellion. Our sources say they’re allied with the Stablemaster, Dar Gremath in Albridge. How do these people think that we can respond in any way other than force to such treachery against our rightful rule? We ride out tomorrow to Albridge to break this force and put down this rebellion so that afterwards, we can establish an orderly system of laws and show these peasants what civilization should be, instead of the constant fighting that they prefer, and that the Iron Circle’s power is to be respected…



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