Shining Shadows

Into Dal Nystere! (part 1)

The session began with the 6 of us Shining Shadows in the two teleportation circles in the entrance moments after speaking the words “Dal Nystere” and letting fall a drop of dragon’s blood in a circle of standing stones not far from the Woodsinger Elves’ camp.

I, Lithanael, was the first to act. With my Starshadow Blade already pulsing in my grasp, I quickly made my way to a goblin next to one of the two cages containing the drakes. Although there was shock in his eyes at our arrival, he was already making his way over to loose a drake from a cage – and I was not about to let that happen. I took advantage of the small opening next to a line of my flat-footed companions and Wield the Warped that little green skinned swine on the other side of me, isolating him on the the other side of a 3-man thick wall of Shining Shadow. Gall was quick to make it to the other cage, and although she didn’t act fast enough to prevent the cage from being opened, she did, in her hulking Goliath-like manner, make an effective door herself – keeping that second drake encaged. Good, I thought. The drakes are neutralized for now.

I deftly made my way up the wide staircase to engage the goblin leader, who appeared to have some amount of spell power. Together with Annabeth, we spent a good dozen seconds slashing and blocking this wretched creature on the staircase. Ahh, the sweet ballet of two Eladrin in a dance of death.

After placing him in his eternal rest, we joined the rest of the party in their drake desert. For a bit of variation, I resorted to some Eldritch Bolts on the drakes. As I’ve always been taught, “when the pressure is off and the battle is flowing smoothly, drill yourself on all your skills so as to never grow rusty.” And so I did.

When the last drake breathed his last we took a few minutes searching around the room. At the top of the stairs there was a landing with glowing runes. Had I not been busy reading the scrolls on another table ::coughcuttingmywatermeloncough:: I would have inspected these runes. Alas, one of the less patient and more impulsive folk that I grace my presence with fell victim to their defenses. The little gnome ended up calling on his vast (though inferior to mine) knowledge of the Arcane and removed the dangers of the ward.

Learning little from the clues in the room, I brilliantly suggest to Dara that the speak with dead ritual that she used previously may be of use here. The second attempt was much more fruitful than the first, in which we learned that the goblins were providing a service to some sort of undead master. They were directed by him to claim their reward in the form of some maps from the table atop the landing on the staircase. It was right after this undead master’s retirement into the adjacent room that we, the Shining Shadows, made our arrival and claimed the reward meant for the goblins as our own.



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