Shining Shadows

Big Grigbad

Dal Nystere - Day 78

Two months garrison duty boring! Only few raids. No life for warrior. Sitting around is disgusting. Troops getting sloppy. Uthrick says wait, so we wait. We want fight!

Raid on farmers not real fight. Was … beneath us. Kill farmers, take girl fun, but no challenge. Kill girl disgraceful for warrior. Goblins, jabbering and stupid, do these things, not Hobgoblin warriors.

Vhennyk’s people come and we be nice. We not servants! They act scary. Ha! Humans, Elves, Tieflings, all weak, not like Hobgoblins. Uthrick work with Vhennyk, so we soldier on.

Another group from Vhennyk coming now, maybe ‘rock-out’ will show them about toughness…



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