Shining Shadows

Dara's Journal 3

We didn’t die…yet.
We sauntered into this hobgoblin held tower like we owned the place, pretending to be Vhennyk’s go-betweens. It quickly became apparent that they had never actually met Vhennyk. That made it easier to carry on the charade, but playing soldier games with hobgoblin warriors is not my idea of a good time. Have you ever stood against a wall and let something throw rocks at you?
Nor are they fans of Pelor. I tried to make them believe my holy symbol was a spoil of war, but I don’t think they bought it. Then on to the drinking games, I was appalled to find that they had mulled a fabulous Marl vintage!! That, more than anything, convinced me this was a classless group. When I found out they were followers of Bane, I confronted their leader about their sloppy, drunken state. I could hardly believe it when he shouted at his men for me. He yielded more information when Lithan’ael talked to him. We found out he was responsible for Janella’ death and he was disgusted with himself for having had to follow orders to kill her and to destroy Marl. He handed over a captive halfing to us. I guess we earned his trust or maybe he his self-disgust at capturing and killing small females outweighed his good sense. We had to let him and his soldiers depart to go on patrol. There were just too many of them for us to defeat, plus he did not give those heinous orders. I’m pretty sure all of the Shining Shadows agree that finding the guy in charge is our next, immediate goal. We are pretty angry at the senseless violence against the innocent. We released Hanalee, a trained druid. She is all for taking out the leader of this motley crew.
I think we may have made a misstep in our scam, because when we got up the stairs we were ambushed by more hobgoblins and their undead skeleton friends. I hope this next flight of stairs leads us to our quarry…and that we live.



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