Shining Shadows

Dara's Journal 2

Arrgh! I’m starting to think we are never going to be able to learn to work as a team. We have a group of individuals that believe they are invincible: a big cat man (shifter), volatile and dangerous, a goliath, nurturing, much like a momma bear, and dangerous, two eladrin, a hero and a rogue, both quick to do violence, powerful and dangerous, a wizard gnome, the only one with even a drop of caution, funny, sometimes silly, intelligent and of course dangerous.
As a group, it seems they have the definition of the old adage, “divide and conquer” backwards. Invariably, they split up and think they can still conquer. It is so frustrating; the arrogance of these people. They rarely, if ever, voluntarily retreat. We spend our morning being thrashed soundly by a room full of baby spiders, a horrid web, and their very scary momma, only to discover Janella, bludgeoned to death by a flail, and lunched upon by the spiders.

I did the best I could to stabilize her and will try to find someone on our travels to bring her back. We made it out of the spider’s nest without too much damage, but here we go again. We are in total disagreement, and instead of considering what is best for our team and what our goals are (or should be), we are a group of individuals charging off in different directions with different goals.

We are trying to scout out this tower which may or may not be full of enemies. I am hiding behind a tree writing this, as I am about as stealthy as a drake running through a marketplace. Lithan’ael has teleported into a tree. He is intent on an ambush even though we have no idea the size of the force we may be facing. Jagged wants revenge, he wants to kill the goblin that killed Janella. Gall wants to avenge her too. The memory of Janella’s hero worship and her pretty little blue painted face, relaxed in death, is too fresh in her mind for her to think it through carefully. Irvyn is unusually quiet, but as I said, he is one of the only cautious members of this team. He definitely has self-preservation down to an art. I really respect that, even though we all pick on him about it. I’m sure he’s searching out an advantageous, safe location to back up this impulsive group. Anabeth, the most impulsive of us all, is peeking in the door of the tower. I’m praying to Pelor that she won’t get us all killed.

Oh blessed Pelor! They are inviting us in! They must have us confused with someone else. I hope we can convince them they are right. There has already been enough bloodshed for one morning.



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