Shining Shadows

Dara's Journal 1

This is the (spiked) pits!

Whew! We survived! It was touch and go, I wasn’t sure if we would for a while there. It’s very disconcerting to suddenly appear in a room full of enemies. Travelling through stone circles with dragon’s blood is not for the faint of heart.

We dispatched said enemies and we were faced with two doors. Our goliath listened at the doors and heard a terrifying invitation from someone on the other side. We were hoping to hear Janella, the halfling child we are trying to rescue.

Our rogue, Anabeth, checked one door for traps, and finding none, entered. I guess she, Gall and Lithan’ael stepped right into one. We could hear the battle noises and we tried to get in through the door that the rest of us were standing next to. It is a good thing I traveled here with Anabeth. She is a font of information about the thief business. I must have listened more closely than I thought, because I picked the lock on the door and discovered the trap on the other side.

A cleric picking a lock, now that’s something you don’t see every day; we just don’t train for that sort of thing. Fat lot of good it did us, though. Jagged triggered the trap and went over the huge pit that opened, leaving Irvyn and me standing there twiddling our thumbs. We just aren’t athletic enough to jump a ten foot spike filled gorge without help. I didn’t really think many people could until I joined up with this group.

Irvyn did this really amazing trick and pulled a bunch of bad guys into the pit. I felt completely useless. I am a healer, but I was too far away to help my team. Even the bad guys didn’t get close enough for me to hurt them. It was frustrating. Irvyn and I were separate from our injured, bleeding team. I thought Lithan’ael was dead; he was just lying there still, bleeding. It was a truly terrible moment for me.

The team finally prevailed, closed up the pits and sealed the room the best we could. We will camp here for the night to heal and rest. I am plagued with worrisome thoughts about Jenella and by what ifs. What if the spider had appeared on Irvyn and my side of the monstrous pits? Yikes!



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