Shining Shadows

Irvyn's Log 4

Clerical errors

Kalton manor was a hoot! I can’t wait to go into other deserted ruined buildings filled with all manner of monsters just to heroically chase a lone dwarf. But I get ahead of myself.

Anabeth had brought us a new friend when she showed up, a cleric half elf named Dara. Dara isn’t one of those clerics out to “spread the light” which is interesting being a cleric of Pelor. Instead she seems to care about taking care of our health and surviving. This is, of course, to mean that she is sensible (that won’t last long with this bunch).

So into another room of this ruined tower we go only to find a large conflict with all manner of undead. Public Service Announcement: if there are undead around, there’s bound to be a necromancer somewhere. We looked to our cleric to turn the undead. Isn’t that half of what clerics do? Sure it is and we all smile, waiting for the moment for her to say… “I’m sorry, I don’t turn undead.” If not for the scraping of skeleton bones across the floor (getting closer by the second), you could have heard a feather fall to the ground.

So we went to work and were left with a pile of bones, several sarcophagi and a magic ward that we needed to pass. It didn’t take long to realize that this was going to require a special key to break. We began searching the areas that we could reach and found the key had been divided into four parts. To avoid a complete retelling, suffice it to say that much blood was spilled (some of it ours) and much effort was expended (almost none of it mine) and heroic steps taken (almost all of them mine) to obtain the parts of the key.

Conveniently, just as we found the last part of the key, our quarry shows up acting very chummy, or as chummy as one can with Jagged holding him and Anabeth threatening with her sword. He was quite chatty in this position and we learned a bit about his inability to let go of his grief over the loss of a family member. I personally haven’t lost a close family member (I remember exactly where I put them), but I hope that should the day come where I have to face that, I won’t live the rest of my life for revenge. Never can tell though.

In any case, Traevus tells us of his former evil necromancy teacher, who he killed, who is apparently not ready to give up this plane. He urges us to go confront this undead mage. Well, we’ve come this far and it seems silly to simply kill Traevus and leave, so through the ward we go.

I don’t remember parts of this fight. Apparently, Anarus, the necromancer, is quite good with charm spells and I was his unwilling pawn during part of the encounter.

The group, however, was faced with two threats, Traevus (who simply decided that he’d be better off facing Anarus alone after backstabbing all of us) and the aforementioned necromancer. I don’t really understand Traveus’ reasoning here, without us, he’d simply have no chance against the undead array in the room, he should have turned against us after we were heavily wounded. Since I’m writing this (and he’s not), it’s obvious that his plan didn’t work.

We came away with some treasure, some new stories to tell, and a decision to keep our new cleric friend, Dara, around, especially since Lydia, our bard had become very quiet and inactive.



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